Women lead
Fundraising campaign to uplift women of ukraine
The women of Ukraine are overcoming extraordinary challenges every day. We are raising €10 million to support female leaders, activists and entrepreneurs. Donate now to join our campaign and make a difference in their lives.
Women Lead is inspired by a documentary about the struggle of women in Ukraine in the middle of the ongoing Russian invasion.
Oh, Sister! was co-commissioned by United for Ukraine with the Nobel Women Initiative and other partners. It tells stories of the perseverance, dedication and bravery of Ukrainian women.
Women Lead is raising €10 million to support women in Ukraine on their path to opportunity, recovery and prosperity. Our female-led initiatives focus on:
Entrepreneurship and education
Culture and social projects
Increasing access to financing
Your donation creates a brighter future for the women of Ukraine by supporting their growth as entrepreneurs, activists and creatives. Each donation empowers us to do more good.